Frequently asked questions 

  1. How long will I have to wait to receive my film? We’re pretty proud of our turn around time. We guarantee delivery of all media in 10 - 12 weeks. That being said, most of our films are delivered in less than 10 weeks. Compare that to an industry standard of 4 - 6 months!

  2. What does “raw footage” mean? Many people think of raw footage as being something similar to your parents old VHS tape of their wedding, with people offering fun well wishes. Unfortunately this is not the case. Raw footage is simply all of the shots that have been filmed throughout the day delivered as they are straight out of camera. All of the footage used in our feature films undergoes a rigorous post-production process, which includes adjusting the color and exposure of each shot to look as natural as possible, and then having an artistic film look added to it to give it that cinematic feel. We also add the slow motion feel to our films in post which you wouldn’t see in the raw footage. Basically you will get every moment from the day to remember, but that’s going to come with camera shakes and everything!

  3. How are the Ceremony/Toasts films different than raw footage? When raw footage is delivered, you will get the Ceremony and Toasts included. They will come from a single camera angle with the audio captured from the camera. Again, this is raw footage so it comes as is straight from camera. By contrast, with a Ceremony or Toasts film, you’ll get those moments in their entirety from two camera angles that are given the same post-production treatment as our feature films. So they’ll have adjustments to the color and exposure so they look the most natural. The two camera angles are then cut together into one film so that you get the best looks, reactions, and angles from the whole event. On top of that, we also record the audio separately and synchronize it with the video in post so you get the best possible sound. These are then delivered as their own films so you don’t have to go hunting through the raw footage to find them.

  4. What if we want the raw footage? By now you might guess that a lot of questions we get revolve around raw footage. By all means, if you still have questions, we’re happy to jump on the phone and talk about it. If you feel like raw footage is something you cannot live without, feel free to add it to any of our packages for $500.

  5. How do I know if I’ll get drone footage if it’s not allowed at all venues? First of all, you WILL have drone footage in your film. Nothing set’s the stage for a beautiful day like a gorgeous aerial shot. That being said, there are certain venues that don’t allow drones to be flown on the property. If that is the case, we’d still fly the drone in surrounding areas and feature the landscape or any notable landmarks. This isn’t a huge deal as we rarely fly the drone during the event anyway. Despite their small size, they make a LOT of noise and can be very distracting.

  6. How is music selected? Do we get to choose? Music is one of the most critical components of our films. Often couples prefer just to have us select music for them, however, if you’re interested we absolutely want you involved in the process! You can select any songs you’d like from our resources of licensable music. We license music from a few libraries so there is plenty of selection, however, you probably won’t find the latest Top 40 songs on there. The benefits of using licensed music far outweigh the drawbacks in our opinion, as you won’t have to worry about Facebook or YouTube pulling your film for copyright infringement.

  7. What if I’d like something that I don’t see offered in your packages? Are you interested in an edit of the first dance? Cake cutting? Or you had something else in mind? Feel free to reach out and let us know what you’d like! We can customize any package a la carte, and send you a quote.